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Evy Bickel Awarded October 2011 Excellence in Education Award

Evy Bickel, a sixth grade math teacher at Ladue Middle School was presented with the October Excellence in Education Award at the Board of Education Meeting on September 26, 2011.

Evy was born in St. Louis and has been teaching in the Ladue School District since 1998 when she originally came to the district as a seventh-grade math teacher.

Dr. Cathy Richter, principal of Ladue Middle School, describes Mrs. Bickel as someone who “models collaboration and was doing it well before it had become a hot topic in education.  It’s simply the way she works.”  Mrs. Bickel is also described as a natural mentor, who formally participates in the district’s mentoring program for newer teachers, but also acts as an informal mentor to many other, more experienced, teachers as well.

She is described by colleagues as someone who leads through example, quietly and simply demonstrating the best practices of motivating and encouraging students to learn.  Dr. Richter attributes at least some of her success with students with her amazing ability to identify and meet the individual enrichment needs of her students.

When it comes to her involvement with students both during and outside of the regular school day, Mrs. Bickel is never heard speaking the words, “I can’t.”  Rather, she does whatever it takes to get things done right – whether it is a help session with a struggling student, parent communications, after school activities or overnight field trips.  In addition, Mrs. Bickel is the sponsor of both the Glee Club and the Dance Team.

The bottom line, according to Dr. Richter, is this:  “You can always count on Evy to do the right thing, on time and always in the best interest of her students, the middle school and the district as a whole.”

Evy and her husband Jay have been married for 16 years and have two children.  Brendan is eleven and is in the sixth grade, and Brianna is five and is in kindergarten. 

Evy is certified in elementary education grades 1-8, social studies grades 4-8, math grades 4-8 and holds a Masters in Elementary Education.