Fine & Performing Arts Students

Orchestra Students Perform in All Suburban Honors Orchestras

Stock photo of violins

Several Ladue School District orchestra students participated in the All Suburban Honors Orchestras and performed on Jan. 7, 2012. Twenty-three high school and middle school students underwent a very competitive audition for selection into the groups. All groups performed challenging music at a high level with other students in the St. Louis area.

Ladue School District participants included:

High School: Chloe An, Justin Chee, Linhan Chen, Emily Chu, Alexis Corrigan, Jialin Ding, Sarah McConnell, Runpeng Liu, David Shi, Stella Schindler, and Haohung Xu

7th and 8th: Abby Bauer, Hans Chen, Cindy Geng, Sema Dibooglu, Hanlu Jin,  Isaac Oladipupo, Paige Paddock, Rasika Sant, Jordan Smith, and Jackie Wong

6th grade: Patrick Donahue, Glen Morganstern, and Juliana Stoll