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Reed Elementary Fourth Grade Teacher Receives March 2012 Excellence in Education Award

Stock photo of teacher's desk with apples, notebooks, scissors and chalk.

Roy Hagan was the March 2012 recipient of the Ladue School District’s Excellence in Education Award presented at the April 9, 2012 Board of Education meeting. Roy is from Harrisburg, Illinois and began teaching in the Ladue School District in 1991 as a Fourth Grade teacher at Reed Elementary School and has been at Reed for all of the 21 years since.  Roy currently teaches fifth grade at Reed Elementary School.

Roy holds an Associates of Applied Science in Forestry Technology from Southeastern Illinois College, a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and a Master of Arts in Teaching Science from Webster University.

Dr. Chris Schreiner, principal at Reed Elementary School describes Roy as “a teacher students will remember forever.”  According to Dr. Schreiner, Roy has a talent for breaking down complex concepts to make them understandable.  Often he does this through unique ways of engaging students, using unique materials, or incorporating interesting facts to make concepts come alive for his students.

Roy is described as having a vast knowledge on a multitude of topics which has made him highly valuable to curriculum committees, particularly in his role on the Professional Learning Community Leadership Team.  His colleagues describe him as having a big heart and as a person who simply “does the right things, for the right reason, with no expectation for recognition.”

While he is a man of few words, when he does add to conversation it is usually to provide valuable insights or a different perspective on the conversation.  With a bit of concern for dating himself, Dr. Schreiner often thinks of the old E.F. Hutton commercials when he thinks of Roy…  “When Roy talks, people listen.”