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Wallace Invited to Train Future National Leaders in Social Justice

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Dr. Derrick Wallace, Ladue Schools’ Director of Education Services for Equity & Achievement spent a portion of his summer in San Anselmo, California at the invitation of the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum, a staff-development equity project for educators.  SEED stands for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity and Dr. Wallace, being an experienced SEED trainer, was asked to assist with the week-long training of educators from around the country who, in turn, will bring SEED training to their schools – both public and private.

The week-long SEED New Leaders’ Workshop prepares school teachers to hold year-long reading groups with other teachers to discuss making school climates and curricula more gender-fair and multi-culturally equitable by using inclusive pedagogies.   Through the use of monthly seminars, the SEED Project enables adults to examine contemporary scholarship as well as “the textbooks of our lives” in order to inform community conversation about schooling and culture. Educators connected to the SEED network testify that as a result of their SEED affiliation, they listen to all voices, including their own, with widened attention. SEED seminar participants handle with more confidence and competence the challenges and joys of the many kinds of diversity found in their own lives and in the lives of others.