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LHWHS Goble Touts SchoolTube in Time Magazine Article

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Ladue Horton Watkins High School Broadcast Technology Instructor Don Goble was recently interviewed by TIME Techland regarding the value of SchoolTube for students.  The article is entitled Lights, Camera, Learn: SchoolTube Strives to Be YouTube for K-12 Education, and is written by Olivia Waxman.

Goble talks about how he “flipped” his Broadcast Technology classes two years ago.  “Flipping” is an educational term used to describe a teaching methodology where students watch content at home as “homework” and then come into class the following day to try out the concepts used in the lesson.  Senior Samantha Shanker is also quoted in the article, saying “Kids pay attention more to videos than to lectures.”

Goble has been putting tutorials about video-editing and journalism essentials on SchoolTube for years and says the flipping technique increases the value of class time because it can be used for helping students understand and use concepts instead of lecturing.