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“iAm Ladue” Featured on HEC-TV

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The Ladue Broadcast Technology department has entered into a new joint venture with HEC-TV. An Emmy award winning station of excellence, HEC-TV is St. Louis’ leading producer of education, arts, and cultural television.

Each month, two of the Ladue Broadcast Technology departments televisions shows, the student-produced Ladue View and the district communications program Ladue Schools Today, will be combined into a one-hour television show called iAm Ladue.  See the first edition of iAm Ladue.

Each month, Broadcast Technology teachers Don Goble and Marteana Davidson, along with a student host, will introduce the two shows to bring to the community one collective Ladue Schools effort as a new program of HEC-TV’s. The Ladue School District will be the first high school to have this form of partnership with HEC-TV.

Just last spring, HEC-TV and FOX2 partnered to share Channel 2 on the digital dial. iAm Ladue will appear monthly on channel 2.2.  This is a great opportunity for Ladue Schools students and the district, to deliver positive news about Ladue to the St. Louis community. In addition, HEC-TV has over 600,000 subscribers per month, who download or stream their programming through iTunes. iAm Ladue will now be available as well through iTunes with this partnership.

To read more about the HEC-TV and FOX2 agreement, and to find out exactly how to locate channel 2.2, read this article.