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Local Family Uses Books to Bond with Neighbors

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As reported on KSDK about  a Ladue Schools family…

By Heidi Glaus

Olivette, MO (KSDK) – Drive around any neighborhood and you’ll probably see somebody in the middle of some sort of project. But the project that just wrapped up at a house in Olivette required more than a hammer and nails.

Actually, it started with a family’s passion for turning pages. “Yes, I love to read,” explained Parris King-Levine. As does her sister, Bronte. “I don’t like all books, I just like some books,” Bronte clarified.  “Books are great—we want everyone reading books,” added Katherine King, the girls’ mom.

So what looks like an oversized bird house in the family’s front yard is really a little free library. “One of the kids was funny, he said it’s going to be robbed every night, and I said great,” King said. That’s the idea actually, to get books in the hands of others free of charge. “It’s not only having the books but building community,” Mia Levine added.

So at a time when most neighbors are putting up fences, this family is putting out the welcome mat, one that invites you to curl up with a good book. To learn more about Little Free Library, visit their website.