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Reed’s Plogger Receives January 2013 Excellence in Education Award

Kim Plogger, a physical education teacher at Reed Elementary School, received the January 2013 Excellence in Education Award at the January 28, 2013 Board of Education meeting.  Kim is from Kansas City, Kansas and started as a Physical Education teacher at Reed Elementary School in 2003.  During her tenure at Reed, Kim has made significant, positive changes for staff, students, parents and the whole Reed community.

She and her husband, Darren, have been married for three years.  They have one child, Matthew, who will be two in May, and they are expecting a baby girl — Khloe Plogger —  on March 15th!

Kim received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education K-12 with a Health Education certification, also K-12, from Lindenwood University in 2003.  Kim completed her Master’s Degree in 2011, receiving a degree from Webster University in Special Education with K-12 certification.

In addition, Kim was voted Reed Elementary School’s Teach of the Year for the 2009-10 school year by her fellow staff members.

According to Reed principal Dr. Chris Schreiner, Kim was selected for the Excellence in Education Award because she is a “difference maker.”  Kim has helped to create an exemplary PE program at Reed.  Those involved in Reed’s school-wide activities are quite impressed.  However, equally as impressive are her daily interactions with students.

Her goal is to prepare students for life: physically, academically, and emotionally.  Students are not only in better physical shape after working with Kim, they have the skills to retain or improve their fitness level, and maybe more importantly, they have the self-confidence to be successful in other areas.

Reed has been one of the top money collectors for the Heart Association for years.  Much of Reed’s success is because of Kim.  Each year, Kim finds another way to encourage donations – such as flash mobs, and pies in staff members’ faces.  However, Kim’s goal is not seeking recognition.  Her goal is to provide funds to help fight heart disease.  She also uses this opportunity to educate students about leading healthy lives.

Kim is so much more than a PE teacher.  She is a leader and a life-long learner.  She is the District PE Chair and is highly respected by her district colleagues.  She is a leader on Reed’s Emergency Response Team and chairs both the District’s and Reed’s Wellness Committees.

Kim is a person who is in education for the right reasons…the students.  Even though she is a PE advocate first, she supports any initiative that is good for kids. For instance, five years ago she was the one who came up with the solution on how to make Professional Learning Committee (PLC) meetings possible during the school day, even though she was not part of the PLC Leadership Team or Scheduling Committees!

Similarly, as a result of Reed Elementary School’s gym not being able to accommodate the increasing enrollment of the past few years, she and her colleagues made it possible to have the school-wide Jump Rope for Heart Assembly outside so every student could participate and all families could attend.

And, just recently, she was the one who spoke up and encouraged other staff members to support a positive school-wide behavior model by volunteering their plan time to work with individual students.  Not only has this been a huge success, she has volunteered her plan time each and every time there has been a need.

Quite simply… Kim is someone you want on your team.