Building Recognition Reed Elementary

Fire Prevention Week at Reed

Students listen to a firefighter talk about safety.

Did you know that two out of every five home fires start in the kitchen? That’s an astounding number and with the help of the Ladue Fire Department, Reed Elementary School students are learning to make their homes and kitchens safer. The Ladue Fire Department made a visit to Reed Elementary School on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2013, to teach kids how to prevent kitchen fires.

Bringing in a Safety Trailer, two fire trucks, an ambulance and a tabletop demonstration, the firefighters worked with students in each grade. Kindergarten and first-grade students practiced finding hazards within a home and escaping a smoky room. The trailer allowed the students to practice in a safe, life-like setting how to handle an emergency which hopefully will never occur. Second-graders were given a detailed tour of the fire trucks and ambulance. Third and fourth-graders were shown a tabletop demonstration in which they found hazards and then helped correct the problems in a two-story home.

The firefighters worked very hard to ensure the students really understood what to do in an emergency, and the students found new heroes to look up to.