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LHWHS’ Abby Wheeler Receives Excellence in Education Award

At the October 28, 2013 Board of Education meeting, Abby Wheeler, a science teacher at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, received the Excellence in Education Award.  Abby started teaching in the Ladue School District in 2010, after teaching at Ritenour High School for seven years.

She has taught a variety of science courses, including biology, physical science, environmental chemistry and oceanography.  She also coached cross-country and track for three years.

Prior to teaching, Abby was a medical equipment sales representative for Dade Behring.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in biology from Northern Illinois University and her Masters of Science in Secondary Education from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.

Abby plans on pursuing her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction once she is no longer – in her own words: “the carpool queen.” She and her husband, Mike, have two boys – Cody and Caden.

When she’s not teaching, Abby enjoys running long distances, spending summers with her family in Massachusetts and rehabbing her 130 year-old house.

Abby says teaching and learning from her students each and every day are her true passions and that in the past eleven years, she has gained more from her students than she has personally given.  In her own words…  “They have taught me that…wisdom is not measured in years, circumstances don’t define ability, brilliance comes in a variety of often unassuming packages, that all people, young and old, need to feel appreciated and loved, that a smile goes a long way and a word of praise even further, that humor has a healing effect, and that not knowing an answer is an amazing opportunity for discussion and discovery.”

High school principal Brad Griffith says Abby “is a committed, engaging and student-centered teacher.” In addition to her outstanding teaching capabilities, Abby actively collaborates within the department, as well as across disciplines.  Brad says he knows Abby will go on to positively impact countless more Ladue Horton Watkins High School students.

Here’s what a visiting student teacher from Lindenwood University had to say about Abby…  “I was so impressed by every lesson I observed.  She is able to marry the art and science of teaching so elegantly.  She is always aware of student success and is a master of pedagogy.”