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LMS’ Bassett Reads Family Story on NPR

Sixth grader Miles Bassett read aloud the story he wrote.

When families gather for the holidays, it can be an opportunity to tell stories and pass on memories. For the St. Louis-based Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration, that provides a possible treasure trove for young people to build writing skills and forge strong family bonds.

Every year, The Grannie Annie publishes a volume of family stories written by students in the fourth to the eighth grade.

The stories can be serious or funny, about life-changing events from long ago,  or everyday occurrences. The one requirement is that they be a story about something that happened to a family member before the author was born.

Read the story and listen to current sixth grader Miles Bassett read aloud the story he wrote for “Grannie Annie” as a fifth grader at Conway Elementary School.