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Nike’s Access to Sport brings ICSPAH to Old Bonhomme

Members of the International Chinese Society for Physical Activity and Health pose for a photo in Old Bonhomme Elementary.

On April 3, 2014, Old Bonhomme Elementary hosted a group of 19 visitors from the International Chinese Society for Physical Activity and Health. The delegation was brought to the U.S. by Nike’s Access to Sport.

The guests met with physical education teachers, Matt Prange and Connie Jander, school counselor, Hayley Arnold, and principal, Cheryl Kirchgessner. They had the opportunity to share their school’s philosophy and practices of physical activity, physical education, and their connection to student behavior and academic performance. The guests observed the use of ball chairs in classrooms, the morning Eagle Energizer program, and a physical education class.

Old Bonhomme was honored to be highlighted by Nike as a school which values and acts on the connections among health, movement, education, and academics, and hopes to continue to act on this newly-made global connection.