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Spoede Students Report on Summer Plans

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Ladue News story by Brittany Nay

When school’s out for summer, these local students have big plans for their vacation. Join in the fun as they tell LN the sports, camps, trips and more they’ll be enjoying in their free time.

Barretts Elementary, Ballwin

Kate Jones’ third-grade class

“I am doing summer swim team, and I’m going to play with my friends, and I’m going to the lake and jump of cliffs.” – Alison

“I like to skateboard and play baseball.” – Jack

“I am going to swim. And be on my bike all day!” – Lily

“I am learning to ride a bike.” – Luke

“I’m going to Tennessee to see the Smokys. Then, I’m going to swim everyday for swim team.” – Kyle

“I’m going to gymnastics and swim summer school and my cheerleader class.” – Oreana

“I am going to Texas this summer.” – Katie

“I am going to a summer school. I am also doing dive team for the Missouri Athletic Club. Go Penguins!” – Amy

“I am going to play my Xbox 360, and go to the park and play.” – Jerrion

“I am going to camps and summer school. I am also going on vacation.” – Emily

“I am going on a vacation to Mexico or Tennessee.” – Henry

“I am going to play with my friends and play on my Xbox.” – Will

“I am going to Cancun, and I am going to go to a hip-hop class, and I am going to open my pool!”- Ryan

“Me, my two sisters, and my Mom are going to Texas to see my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, and my grandpa. My sister plays softball, and so we might go to Tennessee for a softball tournament. We are also going to Grant’s Farm, the zoo, and The Lodge.” – Ashley

“I am going to Louisiana on the beach in the summer.” – Tyre

“I am going to many camps and maybe going to St. Simons Island.” – Maddie

“This summer, I am going to Atlantis the resort.” – Ethan

“I am going to Chicago and Arkansas.” – Alex

“I am going to Florida this summer, and I’m going to summer school.” – Ian

Chesterfield Day School

Alissa White’s and Christina Berwin’s third-grade class

“I am playing softball and going to a sleep-away camp.” – Elizabeth

“I am going to watch a lot of TV and also take a trip to Guatemala.” -Kyle

“I am going to play baseball in my driveway and play video games.” – Jackson

“I hope to enjoy the sun and spend time with my family.” – Aiden

“I am going to Barcelona to see the famous Gaudi cathedral. “ – Gianfranco

“I am going on a Disney Cruise and probably also going to the Lake of the Ozarks.” – Aiden

“I am going camping and fishing with my family at the Boundary Waters National Park.” – Katy

“I hope to have a lot of time with my family, I also want to go to lots of sports camps.” – Samuel

“I have no idea what I will be doing this summer. Maybe go to Florida on a business trip.” – Zack

“My grandma is coming to visit and I want to play a lot of baseball and basketball.” – Ammar

“I am going to a sleep-away camp for the first time. I also want to spend a lot of time with my grandparents.” – Kate

“I am going to play baseball and also visit Mexico.” – Dawson

“I hope to practice my school work, spend time with friends and family and read.” – Noor

“I am going to a soccer tournament that is at Disney World.” – Jane

“I will be playing baseball and tennis.” – Simon

“I am going to Lake Michigan and hope to see Coast Guard boats. I also want to eat a lot of ice cream.” – Cooper

“I am going to eat pizza and go to Michigan this summer.” – Harrison

“I am going to a lot of camps this summer and want to visit Universal Studios in Orlando.” – Grayson

“This summer, I will be playing a lot of Xbox and watch cartoons.” – Bryce

“I am going to Torch Lake, Michigan, and will play at the beach and swim.” – Hannah

“I am going to sleep-away camp with one of my CDS classmates. It will be our first time being away from home.” – Kylie

“I would like to do a lot of outdoor activities this summer and I am also thinking about getting a goldfish.” – Jack

“I am going to baseball and basketball camp.” – Michael

“I am going to four camps this summer and will also spend time in Florida.” – Connor

Spoede Elementary, Creve Coeur

Tracy Ward’s fourth-grade class

“During the summer, I will be going to the Greek island Paros with my family. I will also teach my puppy Ollie to swim.” – Argini

“This summer, I am going across the country for a national BMX racing tournament. I will compete in places such as Arkansas, Kansas City and Florida, etc.” – Buddy

“I’m going to camp; then I’m going to New Jersey for a while to see my grandparents, then to Greece to visit my other grandparents.” – Julia

“This summer, I am going to Virginia without my parents, then coming back to St. Louis and going to Florida to see my uncle and aunt.” – A’Maune

“This summer, I am going to play baseball, basketball and soccer, and go to camp with my friends; I’ll also be going to Canada with my family.” – Alex

“What I’m going to do this summer is go to India and go to the park. Also get ice cream.” – Tanuja

“I am going to summer camp, and I’m going to play my PS4 and throw my football a little bit.” – Samson

“I am going to a one week of soccer sleep-away camp. I also plan to go to Iowa to see both of my grandparents.” – Kacy

“I’m going to Michigan and the beach” – Connor

“Over my summer, I am doing many things: First, I’m going to visit many places like the Great Wall of China, and I am going to learn about my Chinese history!” – Michael

“I’m going to Boston to visit my family. I’m also going to a sleep-away camp for a week.” – Colin

“I’m going to Israel and going to see my grandparents who live there. Then I’m going to a Ladue camp and a basketball camp.” – Alon

“I’m going to Oregon for a family reunion, Kansas with my sister, and Michigan with my family.” – Marin

“I’m going to India to see my relatives and going to famous places in India. I’m going to even celebrate my sister’s birthday while we are there.” – Suparna

“This summer, I’m going to Ladue summer camp. it lasts for six weeks. Then I’m going to Florida for three weeks.” – Anthony

“This summer, I’m going to camp and going on vacation to Florida.” – Domenic

“I’m going to Southampton in summer. I will go to the beach. I will also walk in the village and go to the park.” – Elise

“I’m going to go to Camp Nageela this summer. I will also be going to Chicago.” – Samuel

“My summer plans are to have a great time at camp, and also to play GAGA in the GAGA pit.” – Gary

“This summer, I am going to Florida to go to the beach and swim with my family. We are going to Busch Gardens because my granny and poppy are planning to take us there.” – Charli

“I am going to Florida this summer, and spending 10 weeks at camp.” – Dilmeet

“I’m going swimming with my family, playing golf with my dad, and going to tennis camp.” – William

“I am going to camp.” – Erica

“Over the summer, we are going to stay in Missouri. I’m going to Vacation Bible School where my cousins work. We are also going to spend time swimming.” – Alexandra