1993 Graduate Berzon to Direct Jewish Book Festival

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Scott Berzon is the new director of the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival and a 1993 graduate of Ladue Horton Watkins High School.  The following article was published by Ellen Futterman, editor of the St. Louis Jewish Light on Sept. 24, 2014…

Here’s a little trivia you might not know about Scott Berzon, the new director of the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival:

• His wife Jamie was his first girlfriend, back when the two were in fourth or fifth grade, he can’t quite remember. His dad took them on a “date” to see the movie “The Golden Child.” They eventually reconnected during their college years.

• He is a published poet.

• He recently took up soccer and plays in a 40-and-over league. He’s only 39 but reports his age poses no threat to the opposing team.

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