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Old Bonhomme’s Field Day a stl250 Event

Two students pose with pizza boxes.

Early October always includes the annual Field Day event at Old Bonhomme Elementary.  While the school always strives to incorporate unique themes and learning opportunities for students, the theme for this year was “Meet Me at Field Day” and activities were all about St. Louis.  As a result, the event was  recognized as a St. Louis Turns 250, or stl250, event.

Past field days have included themes such as the USA, Asia, Africa, recycling, and the Renaissance. This year, with the focus on St. Louis, activities connected to famous St. Louisans, and the history and traditions of St. Louis. Students will learn about Charles Lindbergh, the Lewis and Clark expedition, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and the beginning of kindergarten in the United States, and more, while playing games.

“Ours is never an ‘ordinary field day’,” explains Connie Jander, physical education teacher and Field Day organizer for Old Bonhomme Elementary School.  “Combining learning with physical involvement is exactly how our brains learn best, and adding the stl250 component to the day makes it all that much richer for our students.”  According to the stl250 website, the initiative seeks to recognize events from “grassroots to grand scale” to help mark St. Louis’ anniversary milestone by joining events throughout the year that range from small neighborhood gatherings to large festivals.

Jander, along with Matt Prange, another physical education teacher and coach at Old Bonhomme Elementary coordinate Field Day each year.  The event is implemented by all of the teachers, supported by the parents, and enjoyed by every student.