Extracurricular Activities Students

Student Game Designers Demo Prototypes

The students demo one of their board games.

Two Ladue Middle School students, Hale Masaki and Alex Krasnoff, attended Stonemaier Games Design Day, a game design event. Alex entered his game, Venturing Vaults, and playtested it twice with two different groups of people.

The event organizer, Jamey Stegmaier said in his blog post, “I think my favorite moment of the day was watching young Alex play his prototype with three playtesters who really got into the game. It reminded me of myself at that age–the best thing in the world was for people to have fun playing my games. I’m so impressed that Alex took the risk to polish his game and present it to complete strangers at Design Day.”  Hale took pride in winning one of the games he playtested with other adult gamers.

LMS teacher Kathleen Mercury attended and demoed her game, Dirty Birdy, as well.