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LMS Students Play for the Sake of Science

Design of a shooting star

Biomedical engineering students from St. Louis University (SLU) needed to test ten toys designed to stimulate interest in science and engineering. They chose Ladue Middle School (LMS) to participate in the initiative ultimately aimed at delivering age-appropriate toys to schools in Haiti.  The purpose of the test is to see if the toys are fun, stimulate interest, present identifiable science/engineering principles and are age-appropriate for grades 5-7, as hypothesized.

LMS Counselor Janey Worthington was instrumental in connecting sixth and seventh grade science teachers, Katie Murphy and Liz Peterson, with the biomedical engineering professor at St. Louis University, Dr. Cecil Thomas, for the project.

Through work with Meds & Food for Kids in Haiti, Dr. Thomas hopes to connect this student project with schools in Haiti, many of which have no electricity, safe drinking water, sewage disposal, and few, if any have books. “The introduction of the engineering toys could have a positive effect for students in Haiti,” says Dr. Thomas.

Junior classmates at St. Louis University consulted with the freshmen for the study who will present their findings to the entire biomedical engineering freshmen class of almost 80 students on December 4, 2014.