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LMS Annual Fundraiser Nets 19,026 Canned Goods for Area Families

The students pose with a photo with some of the cans that they gathered.

Sometimes hunger and homelessness go hand-in-hand in a community, so the students at Ladue Middle School sponsored activities to make a difference.  To help Feed the Children organization, LMS sponsored a penny war to fill the “bank” with $1,087.10 in pennies. The sixth grade led the way with $436.29 pennies. Seventh and eighth grades almost tied, bringing in more than three hundred dollars in pennies.

In the annual food drive, the sixth grade class also hustled, collecting 6, 044 cans; the eighth grade came in second with 5,448 cans, and the seventh graders added 3, 932 cans. The staff’s contribution helped the donation climb to 19, 026 canned goods.  This year, the 100 Can Club boasted 105 members. In addition to cash donations and each can valued at approximately fifty cents, LMS raised approximately $6,350 for Gateway 180.

Based in downtown St. Louis, Gateway 180 is the largest 24-hour emergency housing organization in the state.