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LMS Students Take First Place in WordMasters Challenge

Sixth-graders at Ladue Middle School won first place in the WordMasters Challenge 2 with 192 points out of 200.

The following students were round two winners: Walter Kornfeld, Michael Tu, Joshua Wolk, Huamin Gao, Sydney Marvin, Jahnavi Vishnubhotla, Jennifer Fan, Lucy Yue, Rohan Kumaran, Austin Gage, Alexander Ye, Ari Gottesman, Ryan Lam, Alex Zhou, Harry Chen, Andrew Johnson, Eric Yin, Udonne Eke-Okoro, Eleanor Hohenberg, Sarah Vaidyan and Tomi Zigo.

Students at the Fifth Grade Center averaged 170 points with one student a point shy of 200—a perfect score.

The third-grade team came in fourth in Round 1. They averaged 178 points with one student earning 190 points: Rohan Suri, Mara Welch, Matthew Awad, Francesca Bochicchio, Carter Chuquimia, Riley Coates, Nate Glodeck, Tyler Hofer, Ava Johnson, Emma Margraf, Ashmit Tendolkar, Hannah Wade and Mimi Zhou

Although the fourth-grade team didn’t place in the WordMasters Challenge in 2015, the team averaged 174 points and one student earned 195 points.