District Recognition

Ladue School District Honors Three Chiefs of Police

The police chiefs receive their recognition from the Ladue School District.

On April 8, 2015, the Board of Education recognized the Creve Coeur, City of Olivette and City of Ladue police chiefs and their departments for their service in keeping the schools within the Ladue School District safe.

Creve Coeur Police Chief Glenn Eidman and his department assisted the Ladue Early Childhood Center, the Fifth Grade Center and Spoede Elementary School with any concerns.  Chief Eidman and his officers were extremely responsive to the schools’ needs.  Whether it was traffic or school safety, the officers handled issues delicately and with respect for the individuals involved. Lieutenant Jon Romas was also recognized for his collaboration with district administrators.

City of Olivette Police Chief Knox and many of the officers who serve with him are frequent visitors and familiar faces at Old Bonhomme Elementary School.  Unasked, they provide a constant presence and a sense of community to the school, the students and the City of Olivette.  They are on a first name basis with many of our staff members who know that help is a quick phone call away should they need it.  Knowing that a familiar face will answer that call – whether in person or on the phone — is invaluable.

City of Ladue Police Chief Wooten and his department covered Ladue Horton Watkins High School, Ladue Middle School, Conway Elementary School, Reed Elementary School and the administrative center.  Besides managing traffic safety at the Conway intersections at Warson and Clayton Road, Chief Wooten was actively involved with weekly, sometimes daily conversations with high school students to address any serious issues that might arise. Student Resource Officer Jerry Schwartz was commended for his coordination with the Ladue Police Department for additional assistance. His dedication also included visits to other school buildings that are not located in Ladue.