Academics Building Recognition Reed Elementary Students

Reed Elementary School’s Mathematicians Score National Awards

A group of students pose with their certificates.

On April 16, 2015, approximately 250 Reed Elementary School students from second, third and fourth grade competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest.

The goal of the national mathematics contest is to encourage elementary and middle school students’ interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills and to inspire them to excel in math. Once Reed Elementary School posted their scores on the Noetic Learning Math website, their numbers were compared with other schools’ scores across the nation.

The top 30 students from each grade level formed teams. The following students were team winners:

2nd Grade Team Franklyn Yang
3rd Grade Team Abheek Dhawan One of only 45 students who scored 100 out of 5,384 third-graders in the entire country.
4th Grade Team Chase Linden

Additionally, nine students won the National Honor Roll title awarded to the top 10% of top mathletes.

2nd Grade Team Franklyn Yang and Miko Kim
3rd Grade Team* Abheek Dhawan, Lucas Von Allmen, Rohan Suri, Aditya Jain, Robert Fan and Cecelia Hall
4th Grade Team Chase Linden

* Received the Team Achievement Award for having a combined score that placed them in the top 10% of teams in the country.

More than 24,000 students, representing 1,761 teams across the country, took part in this spring’s contest.


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