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Broadcast Seniors Say Farewell to Ladue Schools

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Six Ladue seniors reminisced about their time as Ladue View staff members on iAm Ladue in May. The group of students shared their favorite clips from their broadcast careers and said farewell to their teachers and peers.

The seniors each expressed thanks for the skills they’d gained and the good times they’d had through the class.

“I never expected to make so many friends in kind of this weird, close-knit community that no one knows about in high school,” Lillian Donahue said. “I’m really grateful for that.”

The short clips shared include:

  • An animated video celebrating the Wright brothers’ contributions to aviation
  • A video about a local pilot who took a student up in the air to share his love of flying
  • A video entitled I, Too, Am Ladue, that explores stereotypes students encounter
  • A music video accompanying the song “On My Way Up” by Drew Chadwick
  • A short film examining the stress level of many high school students
  • A public service announcement about standing up to cancer

This broadcast also highlights the younger students in the Ladue School District who are just starting out on their educational journey. The show explores the Ladue Early Childhood Center and provides information on the programs offered.

Check out the recent graduates’ videos and watch Ladue Early Childhood Center preschoolers enjoying themselves at school by watching the video at HEC-TV.