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Old Bonhomme’s Mayer Shares Math Intervention Strategies in “The Language Magazine”

Stock photo of math equations on a chalkboard.

Excerpt from The Language Magazine…

Number Worlds and Building Blocks are curriculum intervention solutions to bring students struggling in mathematics up to par with their peers in math literacy and fluency. A math interventionist in the Ladue School District in Missouri, Lindsey Mayer, uses playing cards, board games, and manipulatives to reinforce tricky math concepts for struggling elementary school students. Guided by Number Worlds, Mayer presents lesson plans aligned with the Common Core and bolstered by hands-on activities that engage her students. “Our students love coming to Number Worlds,” Mayer says. “I have seen tremendous results, with a great number of students moving closer to grade level and some exiting math intervention altogether because they have reached the target grade level.”

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