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Students Raise Over $1300 for Cancer Research

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Students and staff in the Ladue School District stood up to cancer by raising $1,385 for a cure in this year’s School and Youth Campaign!

Each year, the spirit and hard work of our teachers and students helps the Gateway Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society continue funding research for cures and treatments for blood cancers. Our support also helps the chapter provide services to these patients and families during their times of need.

Social studies teacher Jim Goldwasser was the coordinator for the fundraiser at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, where our staff and students raised $476.50 for the campaign. Social studies teacher Laila Crabtree was the coordinator at Ladue Middle School, where $909.23 was raised.

Over the past three years, the Gateway Chapter has invested $13.2 million for research in how to treat these cancers. The group has served more than 5,000 patients and families with financial support and education.

What better cause for our students to take up than the cessation of suffering for these patients and their families? The Ladue School District would like to say that we’re proud to have students who care!