From Play-Doh to the Playground, Students Hang Out with Foster Kids

The high school students volunteered with the foster children.

Save the Children, a blossoming club at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, spent some quality time with 15 foster children at an event sponsored by the Foster & Care Coalition on Aug. 1, 2015!

Save the Children was created to provide an opportunity for high school students to extend a helping hand toward children in need. The organization offers a variety of volunteer settings, ranging from orphanages to hospitals.

From Play-Doh to the playground, the children were receptive and seemed to enjoy the volunteers’ companionship!


“A lot of the children were really attached to our volunteers, asking for hugs, holding hands and reading books,” said¬†Anhthi Luong, founder of the high school club. “When singing songs, everyone participated and had huge smiles on their faces while doing the hand motions.”

While the children were having a blast with our high school students, their parents attended informational and educational meetings. The student volunteers included Anhthi, Isabella Fu, Diane Mwonga, Kathryn Xu, Laura Ewald, Lauryn Bommer and Fatima Sheriff. Anhthi said they hope to help out with this event every year.

“I think it went really well,” Anhthi said. “All of the volunteers were able to connect with the children physically as well as emotionally. It was a really fun time for all the volunteers and children, so that’s what really made it enjoyable and impactful.”