Ladue Schools Graduate and Her Father Paint Phillips 66 Mural

The mural of an African American rowing a canoe toward colorful waves.

The 1,200-square-foot mural that is being painted in Grand Center is sponsored by Phillips 66 and showcases 66 great things about St. Louis. Liza Fishbone, an alumna of Ladue Horton Watkins High School, and her father, Robert, are the duo painting the piece.

Robert and his late wife, Sarah, owned a mural company called On the Wall Productions, where they painted various murals around the city of St. Louis before settling down. Their children, Tyler and Liza, both attended Old Bonhomme Elementary School. Elisa Roth, the art teacher at Old Bonhomme, said Sarah volunteered her time and talent to the school, helping plan and facilitate a mural in the front hall and in the library.

Now, Liza and her father have revamped On the Wall Productions and won the Phillips 66 competition, which gifted the mural to the city.

“As a group, we were unanimous in selecting the Fishbones’ design,” Tami Walker, manager of Brand Management for Phillips 66 told KSDK. “It truly captures the personality of the city, our heritage and our brand.”