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Old Bonhomme Granted Guidance & Counseling Award

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Congratulations to Old Bonhomme Elementary, which was recognized on Oct. 9, 2015, as a recipient of the Gysbers Success Designation Award, which is awarded for a school’s commitment to implementing a comprehensive guidance and counseling program that focuses on the following aspects of development for all students: academic, career and personal/social.

The Guidance and Counseling Services section of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri School Counselor Association bestowed the award.

This is the first year that Old Bonhomme has been recognized with this achievement. Last year, guidance counselor Hayley Arnold said the school’s overview of the program showed 52 percent implementation; this year, that has risen to 84 percent. The four components that must be integrated include system support, guidance curriculum, responsive services and individual student planning.

“All of these elements fit well with the school district’s strategic plan of making sure we are educating the whole child,” Arnold said.

Last year, the school concentrated on the individual student planning component. Some of the individual projects the team worked on within Old Bonhomme’s Comprehensive Guidance Counseling program include its Parent Guide to Individual Student Appraisal, which provides indicators of how students are faring academically and socially, and a transition guide, which offers information regarding students’ movement through each grade and from building to building. Currently, the guidance and counseling program is working on developing an annual college and career readiness activity.

“This honor just reinforced the dedication of the staff and our collaborative efforts we have made for these students,” Arnold said. “It takes all of us here at Old Bonhomme to make this program a reality.”

The state award is named in honor of Dr. Norman C. Gysbers, a former Curators Professor of Educational/School & Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The contributions for which he is best known for in his field of study include his work with comprehensive school counseling.

Old Bonhomme Elementary will be recognized at the fall conference of the Missouri School Counselor Association on Nov. 8, 2015, at a tribute dinner for Dr. Norm Gysbers.