Fine & Performing Arts Students

Band, Choir and Orchestra Students Shined at All-Suburban, All-State Auditions

Stock photo of a clarinet.
The results are in from the All-Suburban and All-State auditions for Band, Choir and Orchestra! Ladue Schools students rocked their auditions; check out their accomplishments below! Congratulations to all of our students who participated!
The ensembles are broken down into Band, Choir and Orchestra.

Ladue Bands:

All-State Band:

The following students won a seat in the All-State Band. These students competed against students from across the state via blind auditions in Columbia, Missouri. These students will represent LHWHS at performances at the MMEA convention at Tan-Tar-A, Jan. 27 – 30, 2016.

Megan Bernstein, 12th chair clarinet
Jacob Cytron, 4th chair percussion
Evyn Levy, 2nd chair clarinet
Miles Kim, 2nd alternate percussion
Gabe Schneider, 2nd chair percussion
Kenji Sherman, 1st alternate trombone

All-Suburban High School Band

The following students were selected as members of the All-Suburban Honors Band. These students won a blind audition as they competed against over 800 students from the area!

Maya Mutic, 2nd alternate flute
Evyn Levy, 5th chair clarinet
Megan Bernstein, 21st chair clarinet
Macey Goldstein, 1st alternate, trombone
Kenji Sherman, 2nd chair baritone
Audrey Wang, 1st chair, percussion opt. 2
Jacob Cytron, 1st chair, percussion opt. 3
Miles Kim, 2nd chair, percussion opt. 2
Gabe Schneider, 3rd chair, percussion opt. 1
Anton Schuster, 1st alternate, percussion opt. 2
Ian Pallares, 2nd alternate, percussion opt. 3

All-Suburban High School Jazz Band

Matthew Sewell, Guitar – Jazz band

All Suburban Middle School Band

The following students earned a place in the St. Louis All-Suburban Middle School Honors Band. They were among the over 600 students from the St. Louis Suburban District that took a blind audition on Monday.

Hannah Harder, 1st chair flute
Daphne Levy, 4th chair flute
Melody Zhang, 8th chair flute
Seth Goldman, 2nd chair bassoon
Pema Childs, 1st chair clarinet
Katie Eisenman, 2nd chair clarinet
Xander Ye, 5th chair clarinet
Alvin Li, 7th chair clarinet
Alex Migala, 10th chair trumpet
Daniel Jung, 1st chair trombone
Olivia DeHaven, 12th chair trombone
Bradford Siwak, 2nd chair baritone
Alec Hines, 5th chair percussion

Ladue Choirs:

Ladue High School choir students participated in the St. Louis Suburban
District Choir Auditions on Saturday, Oct. 3, at Marquette High School. Nine
Ladue choir students auditioned, and all nine were selected for the honor choirs.
Three Ladue Choir students were also selected as the top 20 in their voice part
and are eligible to audition for All-State Choir.

Missouri Choral Directors Association sight-reading bee

Donna LaMore 11 – Finalist

District Choir, All-State Eligible
Donna LaMore 11
Rachel Marshall 12
Andrew Peacock 12

District Choir:
Renee Colby 12
Joseph DeBoer 12
Caroline Deck 12
Annika Schelsinger 11

Women’s Festival Choir:

Aleesha Shi  10
Rachel Steiner 12

All-Suburban Middle School Choir:

Madalyn Abady
Cassie Beisheim
Molly Donovan
Zach Hearst
Kalena Kalu
Jamie Korenblat
Jannat Naveen
Autumn Ryan
Lili Sheley
Daniel Volobuev
Caroline Waldman
Ellie Weber
Schuyler Wolf

Ladue Orchestras:

All-State Orchestra

Cindy Geng, Violin I
Grace Crockett, Violin II
Royce Dong, Violin II
Nathan Hsu, Cello

All Suburban High School Orchestra

Alexander Tan
Anna Cramblitt
Kristin McKenzie
Benjamin Phung
Royce Dong
Leda Liang
Egret Jin
Abby Bauer
Joel Hsieh

All Suburban Middle School Orchestra

Shelei Pan, concert master
Anna Zhong, 2nd chair violin I
Hugh Chan, principal violin II
Lucy Yu, 2nd chair violin II
Jason Ding
Daniel Diringer
Grace Hu
Roland LaBonte’
Lena Liang
Katie Shaw
Jacob Sheldon
Becky Tan
Lilly Tung
Cindy Wang
Brendan Yang
Christopher Ye