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Fifth Grade FIRST Lego League Team Competes at Regional Level, Qualifies for State Competition

The Fifth Grade FIRST Lego League Team poses for a group photo.

The regional and state First Lego League Competitions have finished, and Fifth Grade Center’s team has proven that it could compete with the best!

Mabel Schepker, David Ju, Robbie Mabbs, Ana Lang, Bryson Liang and Anna Carpenter competed as a team in the qualifier at Southeast Missouri State University on Nov. 21, one of 10 qualifier events in St. Louis region. More than 20 teams participated at the qualifier. The team won 3rd place in overall performance and advanced to the state competition, along with the 1st and 2nd place teams to the state competition. Their robot got the 3rd-highest points in the programming game among all teams.

The team also competed in the State Championship on Dec. 6, at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. Their project involved a real world solution to the problem of waste management. Their research and solution involved helping 5th grade students increase awareness of the amount of trash that can be recycled. Their solution was to design better signs to be posted in various locations in FGC. “The key novelty is a ‘swipe it’ slogan that asks students to wipe out any food and trash before recycling,” lead parent coach Tao Ju explained.

Some members of the team have competed together since second grade in the Junior First Lego League and First Lego League competitions. “They actually impacted the school in a really positive way with their campaign!” Ladue Schools parent Suzanne Lang said. “I am so proud of them.”

The team has kept the same team name, Birds of a Feather, since second grade. They really proved that “Birds of a feather stick together!”