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Old Bonhomme Students and Staff Stand Up and ‘Choose to Be Nice’

Students line the road with "Choose to Be Nice" signs

Our Old Bonhomme students and staff came together last week in a show of solidarity against hurtful language by spreading the message “Choose to Be Nice.”

One of the school’s crossing guards experienced a situation in which two separate drivers used racist language toward her while she was trying to keep kids and parents safe at the crosswalk. 

Students line the road with "Choose to Be Nice" signsRecently, Old Bonhomme’s Character Education and Diversity committees have been working closely to instill the ‘Choose to Be Nice’ theme this school year. The program is a social movement and dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness. The goal is to improve the way people interact with each other by reminding them that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world.

Teachers used this experience as a teachable moment by explaining the situation to students this way: “You know how sometimes someone says something mean on the playground? You know how hurtful that can be? Well, sometimes adults make these same mistakes, and that happened to one of our staff members at carpool.”

Students line the road with "Choose to Be Nice" signsAfter understanding the problem, students began making signs that read “Choose Kindness,” “No Place for Hate,” “Choose to be Nice,” “Kindness Wins,” and “Mean Words Hurt,” just to name a few

The students stood in a line down the road with their signs, chanting “Choose to Be Nice, “Kindness First!” These students were greeted with thumbs-up from landscaping truck drivers, warm smiles from passers-by, and horns honking in support. 

The Old Bonhomme students and staff wanted to spread the message that hurting one member of the Ladue Schools family hurts all of us, and as a community, we will communicate openly and stand by each other. They will continue to “Choose to be Nice.”