Swim Coach Saves Drowning Boy After Recent CPR Training

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St. Louis Area Polo coach JD Shrewsbury saved one of his young swimmers in January, thanks to his recent training in CPR and First Aid. All coaches in the Clayton Water Polo Club are certified and trained by the Ladue School District’s own Corey Miller, an American Red Cross instructor and coach.

Miller is a physical education teacher at Ladue Horton Watkins High School. “I always tell coaches that it’s the training I hope they never need, but if they do need it, they want to be prepared and not wondering what to do in the event of an emergency,” Miller explained. “Everyone should try to make the training as realistic as possible, and practice should be ongoing and regular.”

Shrewsbury had completed his CPR and first aid recertification only three weeks prior.

So when one boy asked where their teammate Aleks was, Shrewsbury dove immediately into the water and brought the boy out of the pool. Aleks had no pulse and was unresponsive, so Shrewsbury began CPR. He kept up with his training until the ambulance arrived.

Two days later, Aleks was back at swim practice, and the team was ecstatic to have him back.

Thanks to Shrewbury’s quick and capable response, along with his ability to put Miller’s training into practice, a little boy’s life was saved.