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RISE Students Raise Awareness, Donations for Flint Residents

Students raise money for Flint, Michigan.

During February, RISE (Reaching Inside Seeking Excellence), a Ladue Horton Watkins High School student organization, is raising funds and donations to help the people of Flint, Michigan, during the area’s water crisis.

Residents of Flint can’t drink, cook or bathe in the water currently supplied by the city’s water system. The city’s water supply has been contaminated with lead for more than a year after not being treated with an anti-corrosive agent.

Along with collecting donations, RISE students are raising awareness through their fundraising about the effect this crisis is having on the youth in Flint. In the city, 4.9 percent of children tested for lead turned out to have elevated levels, and the crisis is also disrupting many students’ educations.

To combat the issue and lend a hand to those in need, RISE students are collecting water bottles and filters to send to Flint. Students and staff will be able to donate during all LHWHS lunches until Feb. 29. Donations may also be sent to LHWHS. Checks may be made out to Ladue School District with “Flint” in the memo.

The Ladue School District is proud of its students as they work to help others in need and take the Tint Away From Flint.