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Ladue FGC Student Takes On Taekwondo

Sophia and Jack pose for a photo.

A student at the Ladue Fifth Grade Center was featured in Town & Style’s February edition for her success in practicing taekwondo. Sophia (Sassy) Saleeby, a fifth grader, and her younger brother, Jack, attend numerous local and interstate matches throughout the year, which prepares them for the state qualifier and the USA Taekwondo Nationals.

Last year, the siblings qualified for the Indiana State Tournament for Nationals by capturing the gold, where Sassy took first in poomsae and her brother in sparring. At Nationals in Austin, Texas, Sassy won a bronze and Jack a silver.

“I was so happy, tears of joy were coming down my face,” Sassy told Town & Style. “Now that I’ve accomplished my goal of placing at Nationals, after I earn my black belt (I’m about four levels away), I will have achieved my overall goal.” And after this, Sassy said, she plans to start golf in the spring!

But for now, the two will head to another state tournament for another bid to Nationals this year. Everyone here at Ladue Schools wishes the two good luck!

*Photo courtesy of Town & Style