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Speech & Debate Team Rank High at Eastern Missouri District Tournament

The group poses with their awards.

The speech and debate team competed in the Eastern Missouri District Tournament. The team took 2nd place in Speech Sweepstakes, 1st place in Congress Sweepstakes, 1st place in Debate Sweepstakes and 1st place in Overall Sweepstakes!

Simi Falako was named the Eastern Missouri District Student of the Year, and she will represent Ladue and Eastern Missouri in the National Student of the Year contest!

Jerome Gregory (class of 2013) was named the Eastern Missouri District Alumnus of the Year! He was recognized for his continued commitment to supporting the Eastern Missouri speech and debate community and his success in competing at the collegiate level.

Ladue School District qualified 13 students to the national tournament. These students will represent Ladue and Eastern Missouri at the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah in June:

Gabbie Burton – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Simi Falako – Original Oratory
Jacob Granick and Bobby Zitzmann – Public Forum Debate
Hanlu Jin – Congressional Debate, House
Noah DiAntonio and Maya Mutic – Policy Debate
Kieran Mulligan – Informative Speaking
Patrick Naughton and Aramis Rickey – Policy Debate
Rasika Sant – International Extemporaneous Speaking
Panth Shah – Program Oral Interpretation
Edward Wu – Congressional Debate, House

Full Tournament Results

Congressional Debate – Senate
Bobby Zitzmann, 3rd place and 1st alternate

Congressional Debate – House 1
Jacob Granick, 2nd place and 1st alternate; Permanent Presiding Officer
Maya Mutic, 3rd place and 2nd alternate

Congressional Debate – House 2
Hanlu Jin, 1st place and District Champion; Permanent Presiding Officer

Congressional Debate – House 3
Edward Wu, 2nd place and 1st alternate
Kieran Mulligan, 3rd place and 2nd alternate; Permanent Presiding Officer

Informative Speaking
Kieran Mulligan, 2nd place

Original Oratory
Simi Falako, 2nd place
Audrey Wang, 5th place

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Patrick Naughton, 1st place and District Champion

International Extemporaneous Speaking
Rasika Sant, 2nd place
Maya Mutic, 5th place

Program Oral Interpretation
Panth Shah, 1st place and District Champion

Public Forum Debate
Jacob Granick and Bobby Zitzmann, 1st place and District Champion

Policy Debate
Noah DiAntonio and Maya Mutic, 1st place and District Champions
Patrick Naughton and Aramis Rickey, 2nd place

Thank you to Jen Allen, Amy Bullman, Stephanie Chapie, Janet Duckham, Lisa Frichtl, Rob Good, Donna Jahnke, and Wanda Laks for judging!