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Ladue Middle School Chess Teams Succeed at State Championship

Stock photo of a game of chess.

Congratulations to Ladue Middle School chess teams for their performance at the state championships this past weekend, March 19, in Columbia, Missouri!

The sixth grade team took home the 2016 state championship title. The team’s co-captain Benjamin Liu took home six wins and no losses two years in a row now. He is also the 2016 Missouri State Champion as an individual.

The members of the school’s 6th grade team include: co-captain Benjamin Liu, co-captain Roshen Chatwal, Daniel Ye, Domenic Fenoglio, Arya Brushan, Aryan Gowda, Alex Rybak, Kanisk Shanmugam and Ian Rothstein.

Headed by Gabriel Boyd, En Passant Chess Club Director, the current sixth grade team has won several state titles as fourth and fifth graders. They also broke all of the En Passant Chess Club scoring records for the past 20 years.

The school’s seventh and eighth graders also won 4th in state, in their division. Members of that team include co-captain Jason Pummer (8), co-captain Sophie Kras (8), Katie Eisenman (7), Joshua Wolk (7) and Seth Goldman (7).

In the last decade, the Ladue Middle School chess program has won three or more Missouri state championships.

There were more than 700 players from all over Missouri at this event.