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High School Students Place First in 2016 Math League Competition

Stock photo of math equations on a chalkboard.

The Ladue Horton Watkins High School math team placed first in the 2016 Missouri Math League Competition! There are six league competitions over the school year, and both the team and individual results are totaled to determine the overall team and individual winners. This is the third time in the last four years that the Ladue math team has placed first in the state!

Please congratulate these students when you see them (top 10 placement):

Moses Schindler (9) – (1st)
Alex Tan (11) – (4th)
Seema Patil (9) – (7th)
Akhil Kondepudi (9) – (8th)
Spencer Chen (12) – (9th)
Philip Adams (11)
Nevan Giuliani (9)
Akshay Govindan (9)
Kevin Jiang (9)
Patrick Naughton (11)
Jackie Zeng (9)
Ben Phung (10)
Mark Seidel (10)
Martin Oyalo (11)
Royce Dong (12)