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High School Students Learn Ways to De-Stress Before Finals

Scrabble blocks reading "Mental Health".

The Ladue Students Helping Students Club sponsored a “De-Stress” event during their Seminar period on April 12, where about 115 students signed up for various sessions that taught them how to deal with their stress levels.

This was the first time the event was held at the school. However, Ladue Students Helping Students, the club that organized the event, plans to do it in the future, as well.

The event was timed so students could learn techniques on ways to deal with stress in a healthy way before testing at the end of the year, which includes finals, as well as AP and ACT testing. There were five sessions, and students could choose three. They included Mindfulness, The Art of De-stressing, Meditation/Guided Imagery, Therapy Dogs, and Yoga. Students were given resources at the end of each session so they can continue practicing what they learned.

Senior Martha Benduski, the club leader, said that the group tried to make a large variety of teachers and techniques so that hopefully students found news ways to handle their stress levels.

“In school we learn how to study; however, often students are left on their own to figure out how to deal with the large amount of responsibility left on their shoulders, which results in a lot of unhealthy stress,” Martha said.