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LMS Science Olympiad Team Places at Nationals

The team poses for a group photo.

After a year of hard work, the Ladue Middle School Science Olympiad team finished 14th in the nation at finals!

Training for the event began in August and some of the kids even worked on events over the summer last year trying to get to this point.

“The coaches are very proud of the students’ determination and work ethic,” head coach Martin Long said. “Thanks to all the teachers—Kindergarten and up—who contributed to their success by instilling such a wonderful love for learning!”

An asterisk before a student’s name indicates a top ten finish:

Fayzan Ali (8)
*John Cramblitt (6)
*Jason Ding (7)
*Gavin Giuliani (8)
*Nevan Giuliani (9)
*Akshay Govindan (9)
*Kevin Jiang (9)
*Stephen Jiang (7)
**Akhil Kondepudi (9)
*Shelei Pan (8)
*William Pan (7)
Raj Paul (9)
**Katie Shaw (8)
**Cindy Wang (8)
*Christopher Ye (8)
**Eric Yin (7)
Lucy Yue (7)
*Anna Zhong (8)

The middle school is very fortunate to have the following staff members, former staff members, former students, and community volunteers who have been working with the kids since August to promote this fantastic STEM activity:

Emily Chu
Michael Clay
Donna Bancroft
Melody Frese
Christine Allen
Hugh McMonigle
Megan Grossbauer
Rachel Renna
Deb O’Hara
Kathy Murphy
Jodi Rozbicki
Reva Davis
Laurie Lambie
Kelly Hake
Mark Biernbaum
Roy White
Bill Middleton
Seema Patil
Bruce Stinchcomb