Old Bonhomme Student Throws First Pitch at Diabetes Day at the Ballpark

Fourth grader Ava Leidenfrost walks out onto the ball field with Fred Bird.

Old Bonhomme School fourth grader Ava Leidenfrost threw out the first pitch to Hall of Famer Lou Brock at the baseball game on Diabetes Day at the Ballpark on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016!

Ava is a wonderful role model as she is becoming more independent each year, successfully managing her own Type 1 diabetes. The ball was a little to the side of home plate, but it had a lot of force! On behalf of the American Diabetes Association, Ava and Lou Brock accepted a $25,000 check from the Cardinals Care Fund.

Lou and Ava also found that they had something in common: two of Lou’s granddaughters attended Old Bonhomme Elementary, too!