Building Recognition Reed Elementary

Reed Elementary Invites Local First Responders to Recess

Students run toward the fire truck.

Each year, Reed Elementary invites local first responders to recess one day, where these heroes hand out popsicles to the students and answer the kids’ questions about these important careers.

Last Friday, some students played ball and frisbee on the asphalt with responders, while others clambered through the fire truck and ambulance. When the ambulance was called away for an emergency during the kindergarten recess time, the kids watched in awe as the lights flashed and the sirens rang; they lined up to watch the ambulance speed away. And you can bet the kids had plenty of questions for the men when they returned!

The students also made cards and handed them to the firefighters and EMS officials as a special thank you for all that these men and women do for our community.

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