Building Recognition Reed Elementary Students

Reed Elementary Students Share Dreams on MLK Day

Students write their dreams on the poses hanging in the halls.

To celebrate and reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day last week, Reed Elementary once again created the MLK Graffiti Wall! Each class brainstormed dreams for themselves, for their school, and for the world.

Some examples include:

I have a dream for me:
To become the first woman to be president
To become a fashion designer
To have a happy life in Paris
To become a gymnastics champion
To become a Pokemon Master
To read the Harry Potter series 62 times
To go to Mars
To win the Spelling Bee
To see and help the world for the better
To never give up and be strong
To be a doctor
To be a smart teacher
To climb the monkey bars 10 times

I have a dream for Reed:
For everybody to show pride
For Reed to be a bully-free zone
For learning to never end

I have a dream for the world:
To plant more plants
To have no more wars
To have peace
No more littering
No more using plastic
For the world to be a fair place
For everyone to have food
For everyone to have a good life
To stop pollution
For the world to live in perfect harmony
For everyone to recycle
Water for those who need it
For animals to be safe and healthy
For no one to have to worry about burglars, guns or bombs

Through a child’s eyes, the possibilities for our world are endless. Check out some of the photos from the wall here!