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DECA Students Qualify for Missouri State Competition

The students pose for a group photo.

Congratulations to the following DECA students for qualifying for the Missouri State DECA competition at the Lake of the Ozarks in March! One student, Kaycee Little, also automatically qualified for the international DECA competition in Anaheim, California!

DECA is an international association for management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing.

Principles of Finance
1st- Riley Gage (10)
2nd- Yan Rybak (11)

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
1st- Thomas Xiong (11)

Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
2nd- MacKenzie Hines-Wilson (12) and Panth Shah (12)

Financial Services Team Decision Making
1st- Eric Yang (11) and Julian Peng (11)

Marketing Management Team Decision Making
1st- Burhan Mubeen (12) and Nisha Naseer (12)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
1st- Jake Gerardi (11) and Aidan Morley (11)

Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making
1st- Kenan Elzoobi (12) and Cloe Frank (12)

Apparel and Accessories Marketing
4th- Monty Rickey (10)

Automotive Services Marketing
1st- Ben Avigad (11)

Business Finance
1st- Xinyu He (12)
2nd- Kathryne King (11)

Business Services Marketing
3rd- Noor Rahman (11)

Food Marketing
1st- Michael Burke (12)

Hotel and Lodging Management
3rd- Kaycee Little (11)

Human Resources Management
1st- Ande Siegel (10)

Marketing Communications
1st- Mya Danforth (10)

Quick Serve Restaurant Management
1st- Jessica Matson (12)

Retail Management
1st- Emma Warticovschi (11)
3rd- Kelly Phung (10)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
1st -Tyler Love (12)
2nd- Shaun Carr (11)

Innovation Plan
1st- Leanna Feng (12) and Diane Mwonga (12)

Independent Business Plan
1st- Mya Danforth (10) and Gus Helmkampf (10)

Financial Consulting
1st- David Song (12)

Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
1st- Josh Horowitz (10)

Professional Selling
2nd- Jake Gerardi (11)

Leadership Delegate
2nd- Kaycee Little (11)