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Students Take Home Wins from Gateway Chess League Action Tournament

Stock photo of a game of chess.

Ladue School District students competed at the Gateway Chess League Action Tournament held this past Saturday, February 18. Spoede Elementary won the 3rd grade and under division, and three students (Alex Zhang, Katie Eisenman, and Tom Xiong) placed first in their individual grade levels.

Third Grade and Under Division

  • The Spoede Elementary team of Alex Zhang, Celina Zhou, Christopher Huang, Roy Zhu, Kevin Wu, Rex Zhu, and Anish Shinde won the 3rd Grade and Under division. The Conway Elementary team of Ayden Huang came in 9th place.
  • Anish Shinde finished in 2nd place in the Kindergarten individual standings.
  • In the 1st grade individual standings, Alex Zhang came in 1st place, Ayden Huang received 2nd place, Roy Zhu came in 4th place, and Kevin Wu finished 6th.
  • In the 3rd grade individual standings, Celina Zhou came in 3rd place, Christopher Huang finished 9th, and Rex Zhu finished in 12th place.

Fifth Grade and Under Division

  • In the 5th Grade and Under division, Sahil Chatwal and Atharva Shinde (Spoede Elementary) came in 6th place.
  • Sahil Chatwal placed 4th, and Atharva Shinde placed 10th in the 4th grade individual standings.
  • Zachary Barrett (Ladue Fifth Grade Center) came in 16th out of 24 teams, and he finished in 11th place in the 5th grade individual standings.
  • The Reed Elementary team of Jenna Song came in 19th place, and she earned 5th place in the 3rd grade individual division.

Middle School

  • The Ladue Middle School 6th Grade and Under team of Max Yang, Allen You, Samuel Loiterstein, and Andrew Stappenbeck finished in 3rd place.
  • In the 6th grade individual standings, Max Yang finished in 11th place, Allen You was 12th, Samuel Loiterstein was 21st, and Andrew Stappenbeck was 26th.
  • The 8th Grade and Under team of Katie Eisenman, Daniel Ye, Arya Bhushan, and Kanishk Shanmugam finished in 3rd place.
  • Katie Eisenman came in 1st place in the 8th grade individual standings. Daniel Ye was 4th, Arya Bhushan was 9th, and Kanishk Shanmugam was 12th place in the 7th grade individual standings.

High School

  • The LHWHS team of Tom Xiong, Zachary Millsap, Sophie Kras, Jason Pummer, and Yan Rybak finished in 3rd place.
  • In the individual standings, Zachary Millsap finished in 4th place in the 12th grade division, Tom Xiong won the 11th grade division, and Yan Rybak finished in 8th place. Sophie Kras finished in 9th place, and Jason Pummer finished in 11th in the 9th grade individual standings.