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What Do Ninth Graders Do While Everyone Else Is Taking the ACT?

The students take a group photo.

While older students took the ACT on April 19, the freshmen embarked on their choice of educational field trips around the St. Louis area! The U.S. Studies teachers each led a trip following a certain historical theme, including: St. Louis and the Civil War, St. Louis and the Civil Rights Movement, St. Louis and African American Music, St. Louis and Immigration and St. Louis and Manifest Destiny.

Below are the trips the students chose from, along with some pictures of their adventures!

Jeff Miller – St. Louis and Civil War

Students traveled to the Missouri Civil War Museum in South County and visited the military cemetery at Jefferson Barracks.  At the museum, they attended a brief presentation on Civil War weaponry and uniforms. The group then stopped for lunch at Golden Coral and spent the rest of the afternoon at the high school playing Civil War era baseball and other Civil War-themed games.

Mike Hill – St. Louis and Immigration

St. Louis is a city known for its cultural diversity. From its historic roots of immigration to today, St. Louis has always been a city growing from the unique diversity that makes up its landscape. Starting with the International Institute, where new immigrants are starting and finishing their journey to citizenship to a tour of the historic neighborhood of The Italian Hill, this field trip explored a small part of our city. The trip finished with some Italian cooking at its finest for lunch.

Rob Good – St. Louis and African American Music

Did you know that African American musicians in St. Louis shaped the direction of modern music from Scott Joplin to Nelly? The field trip started at Chuck Berry’s statue in the loop, toured Scott Joplin’s House, and ended with a tour of the Blues Museum. This field trip finished with some good old-fashioned St. Louis BBQ.

Shante Lyons – St. Louis and the Civil Rights Movement

Did you know that St. Louis has a foundational role in Civil Rights history? On April 19, the Missouri History Museum had a unique opportunity to explore and discover the regional contributions to the evolving discussion around Civil Rights. The group delved into how important St. Louis is to the historical narrative of equal rights for all. Dr. Lyons and Ms. Powell facilitated the learning and discovery of the hidden jewels of Civil Rights history, unfolding the mystery of the everlasting struggle of our society’s fight for equality and inclusion. This field trip finished with a nice picnic lunch in Forest Park.

Chris Saxton – St. Louis and Manifest Destiny

The abolitionist Horace Greeley stated, “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country!” This phrase began the movement of Manifest Destiny and made St. Louis the “Gateway to the West.” The field trip headed West on a hike to the confluence at Confluence State Park, saw the first capital of Missouri at St. Charles and finished at the Boone Home where the students participated in black powder shooting, 19th century Western living and a tour of the Boone Home. This field trip finished with a picnic lunch.


Each trip had two teachers, along with Link Crew members to chaperone. Also, 2-3 seniors were invited to help as part of community service: Jeff Miller – Civil War class; Shante Lyons – AA studies class, Mike Hill, Rob Good, Chris Saxton – APUSH. The parent association helped pay for the lunches!