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LMS Orchestra and Choir Students Rock the Solo and Ensemble Festival

Stock photo of colorful music notes.

This past Saturday, the middle school music students rocked the St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association’s Solo and Ensemble Festival!

Congratulations to the 44 7th and 8th grade orchestra students (all listed below) who participated in the festival. The orchestras were represented by 15 solos, six duos, three trios and six quartets!

Also, congratulations to the following 8th grade students who performed vocal solos! Jameson Falconer, Lilian Fisher, Julia Joseph and Ron Weiss received a Superior rating. Udonne Eke-Okoro and Alejandra Pinon-Dickey earned an Excellent rating.

“All of these students put in extra time and effort in their preparation, and I’m very proud of them,” Vocal Music Director for 8th Grade Choir Tom Lowery said.

Participating Orchestra Students:

Varsha Arun (7), Quartet, Excellent
Arya Bhushan (7), Solo, Excellent; Quartet
Nyeal Biedenstein (7), Duo, Superior; Quartet, Excellent
Hugh Chan (8), Quartet, Superior
Christopher Chen (7), Solo, Superior; Quartet, Excellent
Suparna Chintha (7), Solo; Duo
Caroline Cislo (7), Quartet, Excellent
John Cramblitt (7), Solo, Superior; Quartet
Jane Derdoy (7), Quartet
Jackson Diblasi (7), Quartet, Excellent
Diya Diwakaran (8), Solo
Julia Gourtzelis (7), Trio
Colin Henderson (7), Quartet
Tommy Hogan (8), Trio, Superior
Grace Hu (8), Quartet, Superior
Avinash Kamath (7), Duo, Excellent
Matthew Kweon (7), Duo, Excellent
Roland LaBonte (8), Solo, Excellent, Quartet, Superior
Ryan Lam (8), Solo, Excellent; Trio, Excellent
Matthew Levy (8), Trio, Excellent
Samuel Liu (7), Quartet, Excellent
Vivian Liu (7), Quartet
Charlotte Madden (7), Trio, Excellent
Bix Maxwell (7), Solo, Excellent; Quartet, Excellent
Benedikt Nagele (7), Quartet, Excellent
Lily Parsons (7), Quartet
Hansika Sakshi (7), Trio
Kathryn Schneider (8), Quartet, Superior
Sophie Seidel (8), Solo; Duo
Ryan Silver (7), Duo, Excellent
Andrew Smock (7), Quartet, Excellent
Noah Smock (8), Duo, Superior
Akshara Sriram (7), Solo
Joanne Sung (7), Quartet
Darren Teh (8), Trio, Superior
Ryan Tung (7), Solo, Superior; Quartet
Kade Vetter (7), Solo, Excellent; Duo, Superior, Quartet
Athena Vinch (8), Duo
Benjamin Wang (8), Duo, Superior
Joshua Wolk (8), Trio, Superior