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High School DECA Students Qualify for State

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Congratulations to the following DECA State Qualifiers! The state competition will be held in March in Kansas City. See the students and their recognitions below!

Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
1st- Giuseppe Di Cera (10) and Christopher Ye (10)

Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
1st- Jane Farmer (12) and Emma Warticovschi (12)

Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
1st- Julian Peng (12) and Eric Yang (12)

Financial Services Team Decision Making
2nd- Eyob Tewelde (10) and Daniel Volobuev (10)

Marketing Management Team Decision Making
1st- Hale Masaki (11) and Antonio Amore Rojas (11)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
2nd- Jake Gerardi (12) and Aidan Morley (12)

Travel and Tourism Marketing Team Decision Making
2nd- Shrey Dharnidharka (12) and Thomas Xiong (12)

Principles of Finance
1st- Katie Shaw (10)
2nd- Ayushya Ajmani (10)

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
2nd- Jacob Sheldon (10)

Principles of Marketing
2nd- Emerson Barnett (10)

Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
2nd- Monte Rickey (11)

Automotive Services Marketing Series
1st- Ben Avigad (12)

Business Finance Series
2nd- Yan Rybak (12)

Business Services Marketing Series
2nd- Kevin Li (11)
3rd- Max Kitsis (12)

Entrepreneurship Series
2nd- Antonio Amore Rojas (11)

Food Marketing Series
1st- Noor Rahman (12)
2nd- Connor Ross (11)

Hotel and Lodging Management Series
1st- Giuseppe Di Cera (10)
2nd- Trey Fruend (11)

Human Resources Management Series
2nd- Max Bernickus (11)
3rd- Shaun Carr (12)

Marketing Communications Series
2nd- Daniel Chayet (10)

Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series
1st- Josh Horowitz (11)
3rd- Daniel Volobuev (10)

Restaurant and Food Service Management
3rd- Ally Harpole (12)

Retail Merchandising Series
1st- Kelly Phung (11)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series
1st- Sophie Sachs (12)

Innovation Plan
1st-Callie Cox (10), Angela Liu (10) and Karina Mealey (10)

Start-Up Business Plan
1st- Kashish Dhawan (10) and Jessica Sheldon (10)

Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
2nd- Yordanose Atanaw (10), Celeste Liu (10) and Simone Liu (10)

Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan
1st- Ally Harpole (12), Kathryne King (12) and Carly Rich (12)

Financial Consulting Event
1st- Louis Taxman (12)

Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
2nd- Josh Horowitz (11)

Leadership Delegate
2nd- Kelly Phung (11)