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Google Expedition Comes to Old Bonhomme Elementary

A class of students hold up smart devices to see the augmented reality lessons.

On March 7, 2018, Old Bonhomme Elementary was one of the first schools to participate in Google Expedition, a program in which teachers and students spend a day delving into various lessons through augmented reality, thanks to the efforts of technology specialist Patricia Brown!

What is augmented reality?

Google Expedition’s Augmented Reality offers a way to bring 3D objects to life in the classroom environment. Using a smart device’s camera function, an object—such as one of Michelangelo’s statues—appears on the device’s camera screen as if the object is in the room with the students.

These 3D objects appear on the students’ desks so that everyone can examine the object together at the same time. The objects are accompanied by a short text/labels that only the teacher can view, and are designed as a supplement to an existing lesson plan to help bring the subject to life!

“The kids truly loved learning with Google Expedition,” teacher Carly Rudolph says. “Both the students and I had a great time learning through this enriching experience! Our personal favorites were the Coral Reef and the dinosaurs!”

Other lessons from the list of expeditions offered include: forces of nature (tornado, volcanic eruptions, etc.), the circulatory system, the anatomy of—and dangers to—bees, and much more!

Check out the pictures and video below!

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