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Ladue High School Chorale Students Recognized for Outstanding Performances

The group poses for a photo.

The Ladue High School Chorale students have been recognized for outstanding performances in the last week.

Five students from the Ladue High School Chorale participated in the St. Louis Suburban District Music Festival on Friday, March 4, 2018. Each student performed two contrasting vocal solos from a prescribed graded music list and received a rating based on the judge’s written critique of the performance. Jameson Falconer (9), Ron Weiss (9), and Lucy Yue (9) received an “Exemplary”-Division 1 Rating. Ariel Brown (12) and Alejandra Piñon-Dickey (9) received an “Outstanding”-Division 2 rating for their performances.

The Ladue High School Chorale group performed in the MSHSSA State Choir Festival on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. The choir performed two contrasting selections from standard choral repertoire and sight-read one piece of music for a panel of judges. The group received an overall “Outstanding”-Division 2 Rating.