Building Recognition Fifth Grade Center

Fifth Grade Center Mathematics and Science Teacher Heather Andrews Recognized with April Excellence in Education Award

Heather Andrews, a mathematics and science teacher at the Fifth Grade Center, received the April Excellence in Education Award at the April 23, 2018, Board of Education meeting. Congratulations to Heather on this prestigious recognition!

Heather has worked for the Ladue School District since September of 2001, when she took a position as a fifth grade teacher at Old Bonhomme Elementary. Heather now teaches both math and science at the Fifth Grade Center—the only teacher at the school who teaches two different subjects!

In the classroom, Heather sets high expectations for her students. However, since she knows them well personally and academically, she is also able to support them as they reach those expectations. Heather uses love and humor to build these strong relationships with her students and their families, and these ties continue long after the students have left the Fifth Grade Center.

Principal Julie Helm will tell you that Heather is one of her most flexible staff members. She understands the bigger picture and is able to adjust and make things work, whether that is for a students, a special event or an emergency situation.

And when it comes to leadership, Heather is at the forefront. She serves on various committees at the Fifth Grade Center. She is the chairperson for the building’s Character Education Committee and a Restorative Practice Team member. She also serves as the district representative for the Character Education committee. Heather is part of the Building Leadership Team and provides valuable input to help the Fifth Grade Center to continue to grow and be the best it can be!

St. Louis is Heather’s hometown. She and her husband, Kevin, will have been married 15 years this July! The two have three children: Morgan, a sixth-grader at Ladue Middle School; Addison, a third-grader at Old Bonhomme; and Lillian, a kindergartener at Old Bonhomme.

Heather is a Ladue Schools alumna herself; she graduated from Ladue Horton Watkins High School in 1997. She went on to graduate from the University of Evansville in Indiana in May 2001, with a bachelor’s of science degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. She then earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.