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Ladue Schools Programs Receive 2018 Promising Practices Awards

Photo of the Promising Practices website.

Several Ladue School District’s schools’ programs were selected as a 2018 National Promising Practice by The program highlights what classrooms are doing well across the nation and across the world.

The following school received the award for their programs:

Ladue Horton Watkins High School — Ladue Dance Marathon

  • Ladue Dance Marathon is an entirely student-run organization that works with Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds and awareness and to perform service for children in local hospitals.

Ladue Fifth Grade Center — Kindness Counts Campaign

  • The students are challenged to perform one different act of kindness each day for 30 continuous days.

Old Bonhomme Elementary — Family Fun Day

  • This event deepens connections and relationships among all staff and students throughout Old Bonhomme Elementary, creating a larger sense of community where students feel valued and supported.

Reed Elementary — High Five Fridays

  • High Five Fridays are a hit with students, as community groups come to the school on Friday morning’s to high five students and offer an encouraging word before the school day begins.

Ladue Early Childhood Center — Mighty Oak Movement Plants the Seeds of Good Character

  • During weekly movement classes, students practice good character by connecting the core values and monthly traits to sports activities, by building school community and learning through play.

Congratulations to everyone who had a part in these deserving programs!